Sunday, August 2, 2015

Upgrading to Windows 10

Upgrading to windows 10 

Windows 10 released today so i went to upgrade ..... NOPE you have to be a Windows Insider to do that. So i took the bait and signed up. I installed their windows 10 upgrade app and after about 3 hours i was in!!!

OK here comes the virtual desktop goodness. I have been waiting forever for this feature. Now how do i create a virtual desktop, GOOGLE to the rescue. WIN + TAB opens task viewer there is also a icon on the task bar, cool. I  added a bunch of desktops, SO EXCITING, I am giddy (like an out of control child) . .. OK how do i switch between desktop another quick search reveals there is only one keyboard shortcut WIN+CTRL+ LEFT/RIGHT. Really that`s all the gave us, no 3 finger swipe on my touch pad? DAMN IT MICROSOFT! You have done it again! My only {WIN} key is on the right side of my keyboard making it very cumbersome to hold WIN+CTRL+Arrow. You know, for as smooth as the upgrade went and how well windows 10 is running I should not be so upset BUT this is the ONLY thing I have been waiting for. Well guess I will be moving to mac or Debian. We'll see if i want to spend 3 grand on a mac book pro.

Also if you want to upgrade to windows 10 right now and not wait go to click get started, Sign your rights away. Now you should see get windows 10, click that and download the upgrade application.

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